The game I was most excited about was this candy game! I bought a bunch of different candy and then there were clues that related to baby things and people had to guess which candy went with the clue. None of them were really hard, some of them got laughs, some even got groans (hey I can't help it we had some not as fun people at the shower!) But here is a list of the candies we used and the clues that went along with them. I am sure there are tons of possibilities, but maybe this will get you started:

baby thighs/chunky
11 pound babies/whoppers
the conception/skor
breast feeding/milky way
baby girl/baby ruth
twin boys/mike & ike
babies first words/goo goo cluster
postpartum tummy/jelly belly
smart parents/nerds
hospital address/5th avenue
doesn't come fast enough/pay day
hospital bills/100 grand
baby genious/smarties
baby giggles/chuckles...and snickers
when you have a cool dad/pop rocks
the delivery/push pop
when the milk comes in/mounds
epidurals/life savers
triplets/3 muskateers
better hope the delivery doctor doesn't have this/butterfingers

See...once you get going you could go on and on! I just looked for candy everywhere I went, found some of the odd ones at places like Hobby Lobby and Walgreens! It was a fun..and funny game! And the prize was the candy, and who doesn't love candy!

I will be back on Monday with some more projects! Enjoy your Easter if you celebrate it!

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