Booze Your Neighbor Printable Game


Who says kids get to have all the fun around Halloween? This one is for the adults to play! Instead of Boo-ing your Neighbors, why not Boos (Booze) them instead!

To boo your neighbors all you need to do is pick one of these printables and print out a few copies. Make up a basket of goodies for 2 friends and tuck the we've been booed sign and the instructions into the basket. Then you sneak onto their porch, leave the basket, ring the bell and run away!

They will never know it was you! Then they put the sign we've been booed in their front window so that the same house doesn't get treats over and over again and the fun can be spread out. Once they have been booed they have to pick 2 friends to boo next, and it continues around the neighborhood!